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Do you remember reading when you were a kid. I do, there was someone sitting on a chair a little too small for them out the front reading a big book to the class. The text was okay, but the pictures… they MADE the story.

So what if you’re blind? What if you can’t see those magical pictures? Well that’s where 3D printing comes in. 3D printing allows the child to ‘feel’ an image which is layered rather than two dimensional.

Of course, there are already books that have tactile elements to them, like pop-up books for instance. But this breakthrough in 3D printing allows a parent to snap a photo from their child’s favourite book, send it to a publisher and then receive a 3D copy!

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There’s a lot to do before the idea becomes mainstream. But it’s a step in a good direction and after all, reading is not for the eyes, but for the mind.